What:   Drills and Skills small group and virtual basketball training

Where: In the comfort and safety of your home

When:  November 1st - December 31st, 2020 (Monday through Friday)


  1. 4:00pm - 5:30pm Small group session (outside covered court site to be determined based on weather)
  2. 6:00 am - 7:30pm Virtual training (most session will be streamed at tritch.tv/drillsandskills)

Who: (Space Limited)

  1. High school age youth
  2. Middle school age youth
  3. Elementary school age youth (5th grade and higher)

The major outcome of our program:

  1. Nutrition,
  2. mobility,
  3. flexibility,
  4. stability,
  5. agility
  6. and basketball skills.

Sign your child up:

  1. Parents or Guardian need to print and fill-out the 2020 Youth Application
  2. The final step is to mail or email the registration form to the following addresses.
  • 5134 South Leo Street Seattle WA, 98178
  • drillsandskills4141@gmail.com

Please consider Donating: 

If you have any questions, please contact James Hampton at drillsandskills4141@gmail.com

You can also follow us at: https://www.twitch.tv/drillsandskills

Make your one time donation here: