Program Overviews

Before school: (The Rooster Program): At some of our sites students enrolled in the program will participate in our early morning health and fitness before school program. Students will start the morning at 5:00 am, in the gym where they will exercise alongside some of the best trainers in the city. Some of these training's will take place at area school and community center

After School: students will first participate in a tutoring and homework help session. Next, they will engage in structured activities, consisting of workshops, guest speakers and or discussions on current issues. The purpose of these activities is to develop their intrapersonal and interpersonal skills. The final session of the day allows the participants to develop their physical abilities as well as their leadership skills. We use enriching activities such as basketball to help youth model what they learned in previous sessions. The Drills and Skills program provide real life experiences in a safe and nurturing environment while providing them with the necessary tools to become leaders for life.

Summer Camps: Drills and Skills runs an eight-week summer camp every year (Site: Yesler Community Center, address 917 East Yesler Way 98122)  The start date is July 7th and ending date August 25. Each year Drills and Skills engaged over 120 dedicated; youth at this camp. They worked diligently to improve their health and wellness, better their basketball skills, and enhance their abilities to become productive citizens. Each day for breakfast and lunch the Foundation serves the teens a healthy meal at no charge to them or their parents.

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